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By Kelvin

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Build Your Success From The Ground Up

12 Keys To Getting All You Can, with All You've Got Left

This book is full of examples, stories, historical facts and personal stories of people like you who have either started with nothing or somehow found themselves starting over. They were able to build a successful life, using all that they had left. After each chapter, there is a place to write down what actions you will take and apply immediately for optimum success.

It’s time for you to Build Your Success From The Ground-Up

Secrets Of The Mind Of  Man

How Men Think When It Comes To Dating, Relationship and Love

To understand the mind of a man is to know what makes him tick. From his beliefs, values and thoughts to his character, learn the secrets to a man's mind.

A man's heart can be hard to read. It's that armor he builds up to protect himself from getting hurt. While it shields him from pain, it also keeps others out. We'll teach you how to see through that shield and get into his heart.

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The Brand


The Love Coach Atlanta T-Shirt

Get the Love Coach Atlanta shirt to let the world know, you live a life filled with Love. This merchandise is sold exclusively through Love Coach Atlanta and it's distributors. Get one in Black, Red or White.

Affirmations Of Love

Affirmations of Love is a spoken word affirmations track set over dope beats. The words are powerful yet simple. The beats are hard enough to let the message of I AM LOVE go down to the core of the listener.

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