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Are you finding it difficult to understand the man in your life?

Maybe you have been unlucky in love...If that is you, read on..

You’ve been thinking about it for a while. It’s been keeping you up at night. It comes to your mind to route the day. You’ve been turning it over and over in your mind and you can’t figure him out.


Could it be your imagination?


Think more is there?


Are you just blowing things out of proportion or is there something really happening that you must address?


If you are going to address it what will you say?


When are you going to say it?


Will it make things worse between you?


Will he walk out and leave you for good this time?


Approaching a man about your concerns can be scary.

Let us help you.


Kelvin Troy Johnson

Personal Development and Relationship Coach, Author & Speaker

Kelvin Troy Johnson is a Dating and Relationship Coach, Author and the creator of Love Coach Atlanta. His specialty is in helping successful, single, centered women understand and find successful men for dating, relationships and love, so that they can find the highest quality partner possible and live a happy, fulfilling life in love. With almost 400,000 Followers on Tiktok, Kelvin drops the secrets of how men think when it comes to dating and love.

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The Path To Your Happiness Begins With You!


To assist individuals in quickly and easily achieving their relationship goals in an uplifting, upbeat environment.
We are all interconnected, and I want to provide dating and relationship solutions that are original, solution-focused, scientifically based, and intuitive to help you find the love you desire and finally get what you want.


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Stay With vs. Play With: How Men Decide On A Woman

Stay With vs. Play With: How Men Decide On A Woman

Men make a decision on who they want in their lives when they see her. He is putting her in a category. How do men decide temporary fun vs. "The One. KTJ breaks down the scenario. For more videos on dating, relationships and love, hit Subscribe then hit the bell so you don't miss anything. Check out more dating and relationship videos by Subscribe here: Check out these videos on Why Men Do The Things They Do: How Men Think In Relationships: Dating and Finding The One: Book a session with Kelvin Book A Session: Order the book, Build Your Success From The Ground Up: 12 Keys To getting all you've got, out of all you've got left.: {Support the channel} Cash App: $kelvintroyjohnson { Follow Us} Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Youtube: {Purchase} Affirmations Of Love Track: Listen and Repeat Daily. Buy a Love Coach Atlanta Tshirt: whatmenwant,attraction,approach,advice for women,avoid these men,boyfriend,couples goals,dating,dating advice,dating advice for men who love women,dating advice for women,dating coach,feminine,finding love again,friends with benefits,guys to avoid,love,masculine,men to avoid,men to avoid dating,narcissist relationship,red flags,red flags in men,red flags in relationships,relationship advice,relationships,romance,sensual,sex,sexual,type of men to avoid,Stay,Play,Youtube,How men decide
By Kelvin
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The Journey Towards Love Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Right Now with Kelvin

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This book is full of examples, stories, historical facts and personal stories of people like you who have either started with nothing or somehow found themselves starting over. They were able to build a successful life, using all that they had left. After each chapter, there is a place to write down what actions you will take and apply immediately for optimum success.

It’s time for you to Build Your Success From The Ground-Up

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To understand the mind of a man is to know what makes him tick. From his beliefs, values and thoughts to his character, learn the secrets to a man's mind.

A man's heart can be hard to read. It's that armor he builds up to protect himself from getting hurt. While it shields him from pain, it also keeps others out. We'll teach you how to see through that shield and get into his heart.

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Affirmations of Love is a spoken word affirmations track set over dope beats. The words are powerful yet simple. The beats are hard enough to let the message of I AM LOVE go down to the core of the listener.

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